OASIS practices a congregational form of church leadership. The congregation is represented by the Church Council that is elected at the Church AGM.

hands2-600x400At OASIS, we believe that God empowers men and women to use their unique giftedness to serve Him and minister to His people. Current leadership positions include:

OPERATIONS MANAGER – Responsible for the smooth operations of the public events of the church.

COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER – Responsible for the external/internal communications and marketing issues to help facilitate growth and corporate knowledge.

BOOK-KEEPER – Responsible for overseeing the accounting activities of the church including the maintenance of the financial records and the periodic reporting of the church’s financial status.

TREASURER – Responsible for the accounting activities of the church including the payment of expenditures, collecting and depositing weekly offerings.

WORSHIP COORDINATOR – Responsible for developing and leading a growing, effective, music ministry that is in line with our mission and the people OASIS is reaching and/or hoping to reach.

SUNDAY SCHOOL COORDINATOR – Responsible for recruiting, training and developing leaders who have a passion for shepherding and teaching children.

MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR – Responsible to develop reproducing leaders according to their spiritual gifts; assist the Church Ministry Team in developing a comprehensive ministry strategy and program.

PASTORAL SUPPORT TEAM – Act as advisors to the pastors and church management team. Pastoral Support Team Description

PASTOR – Oasis is currently in the process of finding a Pastor