The things we value at Oasis:

  • We value the Bible as God’s inspired Word and as the final authority in matters of faith and life and we therefore value sound Biblical teaching and its practical application for day to day living.
  • We value the freedom we have to determine our direction under God and seek to do this with Christ as the centre and in accordance with Scripture and the Church’s understanding as stated in the Apostles’
  • We value the freedom we have to worship God and engage in mission within Macau. We recognise that this freedom comes with a special responsibility to make the most of every opportunity that we have as individuals and as a Church.
  • We place a high value on seeing people come to faith in Jesus, committing their lives to following Him, and to testifying to this through baptism.
  • We value and welcome new people at Oasis. We hold the “umbrella” of Oasis high so all who choose to come under it may be quickly embraced and feel part of us.
  • We value the multi ethnic and inter-denominational nature of Oasis and we focus on the things we have in common in Christ. While our language of communication is primarily English, we work hard to include others of different language and cultural backgrounds.
  • We value the children and young people who live in Macau and see that we have a responsibility to help them know the Gospel and the saving faith that comes through believing and trusting in Jesus Christ.
  • We see the value in each person being part of a small group. These groups exist for the purpose of fellowship, learning, prayer and outreach.
  • We value our worship style as being Spirit led and contemporary, however we recognise the value of other traditions and work hard to find expression for these in our Sunday services and our home groups.
  • We value the fact that as a church we are able to contribute financially to the practical running of Oasis and to supporting ministries/mission endeavours outside of Oasis. We believe that financial giving is a part of our worship.
  • We value the place of corporate and individual prayer.
  • We value the opportunities that we have to partner with students and staff at tertiary institutions in Macau.
  • We value our sense of call as a church to partner in ministry and mission with other churches, ministries, and believers in the city and in the region.

Oasis Church Council

James Brown, Dora Kohler, Tsoi Ah Chung, Tuula Tsoi, Ellie Lou, Steve Lauchlan, Doreen Stribbell